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Recommended Use of Yemco Turntable

Our product is a friction motiondiser unit, which requires weight for it to rotate. Considering the top of the unit is resting on the shaft, the distribution of even and balanced weight is important so that the motor will not wear down.

We will not stand behind ANY alterations made to our product or the misuse of it.

Any claims for rejection, shortage, or damage must be made within five days after receipt of items or units from YEMCO.

The surface or platform the turntable is sitting on should be level.

The platform/disc on top of the turntable should be centered and balanced, as well as the display.

Refrain from using casters. If the display is the proper weight and balanced correctly, it should not topple over.

Do not exceed weight limit or disc diameter recommended:
Model 100REG: 100lbs 2.5-foot disc
Model 500REG: 250lbs 4-foot disc
Model 600REG: 750lbs 5-foot disc

Turntable should not be stopped manually while unit is plugged in.

For longer life of the turntable, put 20 WEIGHT OIL in the hole above the fan, on average of every 3 months if using the turntable excessively. Otherwise, once a year.